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Material investigation

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After visualising the size, it was time to investigate how to make it. We decided to look at how tents are made and investigate their materials. A good starting point as my prerequisites are:

  • Has to be easily assembled & disassembled
  • Can not be a permanent structure
  • Lightweight
  • Screen must be semi-opaque to allow for back-projection
  • Cost-effective

I went to IMC with Deniz Yilmazlar who kindly helped me to investigate the possibilities. IMC is an amazing place that has lots of cloth specialists and more. There are tent-makers, curtain-makers, plus IMC sells all sorts of fabrics. We visited a number of shops that focus on tent construction, but their ideas were fixed and were considering more of a permanent structure using steel poles [which is apparently cost-effective in Turkey, aluminium is expensive we were told]. Steel I did not want. So we came back with ideas and information of what not to do.

Next was a visit to Karaköy, just a couple of minute’s walk from amberPlatform, so it was close. Deniz found me someone else to help out as she was busy, so Selin helped out. We were thinking lightweight and laterally. We came across flexible tent-poles in one of the many outdoor camping shops around here. Near Persembe Pazari we found shops that sell fishing equipment, ropes, steel aluminium and brass pipes and more. We were exploring possibilities.

Plastic coated metal cables
Plastic coated metal cable in different thicknesses.

Aluminium rods
Aluminium circular rods

Circular metal rods Fishing wire choices
Different types of metal rods – brass, copper, aluminium and more. Fishing wire choices.

After much deliberation these investigations informed the final shape and materials used. We only found one set of flexible tent poles – so that could only create a semi-circular form with a 5m diameter. So this is the final shape.

Tent poles and notes Semi-circle

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