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Capturing light

Posted: June 23rd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Anita Bacic, residency@amberPlatform | No Comments »

Another fascination of mine is light. As I walk around Istanbul I have been looking at things with a different eye. I have taken images that are a result of light being caught on camera, reflected, refracted, mirrored and more…creating interesting images, colours and textures.

Hamam long exposure

Light falling from hamam ceiling.

images in Turkish tea

House across the street in my tea.

reflections Me & lappy working

Istiklal Cadessi lights

Istiklal Cadessi, Tünel with lights.

caught car lights

Car whizzing past in Necatibey Caddesi.

Amber Platform space at night

Amber’s space at night.

Reflected studio

This image is a reflection of the studio but on the entry door. This image reminds me of the Pepper’s ghost effect that I saw at the Magic Lantern Society‘s convention last year. When you take something out of context the interpretation or meaning is altered. Without all the facts one might think it’s the actual studio.

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