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In search of Domes…

Posted: June 12th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Anita Bacic, residency@amberPlatform | No Comments »

I have been obsessed with circles for a long time and in fact one work of mine, Ringe Raja, I made and used a geodesic dome. While here at amberPlatform it is my intention to continue further with this particular work.

So my first week of being here I decided to investigate what options I have with domes in Istanbul, as I was looking for an alternative to the geodesic. I started to look into using an already existing dome, and Istanbul is a perfect place for them. Domes in mosques and domes in hamams, they are in fact everywhere, the skyline would seem incomplete without them!

Possible options: There are many mosques around, but they are generally not used for anything else other than for prayer, so a mosque is not an option. The hamams are an option as there are a few that are in disrepair and could be used if the timing was right. It was brought to my attention that an exhibition plus performances, entitled hamam project, was being held in one in Cihangir and I should see if I could also use it.

The exhibition was still on and I was lucky enough to visit it as well as explore the space. Here are some photos. I started imagining how to use it, and begun thinking about using it for some other projects – a dome camera obscura for example. There are images here of the exhibition, or peruse my images of the circular lights and dome below…

Hamam dome top

Hamam top light circles

Hamam dome with chandelier

Hamam room with chandelier

After my explorations I came out to discuss what was going to happen to it after the exhibition with Jesse Gagliardi, who told me that the following week renovations were to begin.

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